Connecting with the Land

Before we launched we had an opportunity to spend time with the Lutselk’e First Nations people. They gave us a feast of musk oxen, moose, and fish and gave us a welcoming and safe journey ceremony. They spoke of connecting with the land and the land giving you what you need.

I found the drumming circle particularly powerful as we all went around the circle and made our peace with the fire as individuals but came together as an entire group.

Here one of the elders was blessing us with sage and wishing us a safe journey.

Thank you and Welcome~!

Thank you for coming! I’m Kielyn. This website is designed for people who want to find out more about me and my experience whilst on the hit reality TV survival show Alone Season 7. I will be posting updates about what gear I brought, the clothing I made and the strategies that I planned to employ.

For more about me and the rest of my life you can head to our website Lure of the North where you will find more well-rounded information on what got me here in the first place.

Adventure Guide, Traditional Skills Instructor and Homesteader

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